Maxim Kichigin

I am a fourth year Computer Science student at the University of St Andrews in the UK. I am interested in web development. I have experience designing, programming and testing software across a variety of platforms. I have worked on numerous projects from concept to completion. Programming for me is only a job but it also a lifestyle. Outside of my studies, I am doing online courses, read books and code for fun!

Web Developer, Designer, Photographer.


Kazakhstan Open

Have you ever thought about reaching a high-level in professional development? Maxim Kichigin [Mʌksˈi:m Ki:tfˈi:gi:n] always has a passion about it. He offers more than a half of the decade of professional experience in Computer Science, Management, Art and much more.

Maxim was born and grew up on August 26th, 1995. In early years he was especially focused on the web-site development, astronomy and engineering, but he was also very creative. Mercifully, his parents supported those interests. When Maxim finished his studies in Art Studio, he had a great passion to combine art and science.

On top of that, he achieved great results in golf and other sports. II place in European Challenge Tour Kazakhstan Open Pro-Am 2008 and 2009 actually proves it. Working as a volunteer manager behind the scenes at the European Challenge Tour - Kazakhstan Open for four years improved his team-leading skills. Maxim also worked as a guitar teacher to help people realise their dreams of becoming musicians.

Graduated from high school in 16 he decided to study in the United Kingdom. After that, successful graduation in Kings College Oxford and previous experience helped him get place in one of the Top 5 British universities - University of St Andrews.

After the first year of his studies, Maxim was employed by a private company. He has worked for the summer 2014 as a Project Manager.

Maxim is still studying in the University enjoying every single moment of his life. His life experience motivates us always strive to become better than we are.

Aἰὲν ἀριστεύειν!

Curriculum Vitae

It was fully written using high-quality typesetting system LaTeX. It is compressed version of the bibliography and illustrastes all experience. Feel free to download it from here.


Nikon D610 with Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM creates absolutely stunning pictures.
However, camera do not take photos only photographer does. Check out more in my blog.


I might be unable to answer your message during the academic year due to a very hard workload. Please include your personal details.

Nevertheless, feel free to send me a message to this email address:
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